Genevieve Wine & Travel offers wine tasting events and tours, gives relevant wine appreciation and education classes, and promotes quality wine products.

Wine is an artisan product that has taken a long, thoughtful at times poetic journey to get to your table, wine collection or restaurant. Where a winemaker’s job ends, ours begins, invoking the same spirit of the creator that culminates at that one perfect moment when a bottle of wine is opened and poured, then sipped and simply enjoyed. While wine is our focus, we believe it is part of a holistic approach to life.

Our programs create a transforming experience that can apply to their daily lives in shaping a healthy, happy, and prosperous lifestyle. Genevieve Wine & Travel aims to shift consumer habits of eating, drinking, and visioning to attain progressive results. The goal of our programs and events is to affirm and enhance harmony and beauty in life.

In addition, we have strategies to help people create financial freedom by saving money on taxes, improving investment returns and creating a sustainable retirement. If you would like to learn more information about our financial services, please email us at genevievefinancialsolutions@gmail.com.